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Директор Поплавець Валерiй Савелійович

LLC «Center of prosthetics « Edwards » have been created in 2002 with the purpose of maintenance with prosthetic-orthopedic products for invalids of our country. Manufacturing of artificial limbs of the upper and lower limbs is made on the newest technology of leading German firm «Otto Bock», that enables to raise their quality and to provide highest functionality, that, in turn, - to realize the potential to invalids in a public life up to 90 %.

  Since 2005 of LLC «Center of prosthetics « Edwards » has left on a designed capacity on manufacturing prosthetic-orthopedic products which makes up to 350 products in a year depending on complexity of products and quantities prosthetic technician. If in 2002 on the account in "Center" consisted about 20 patients today more than 450 invalids wish to be fitted prosthesis at our enterprise.

Modular artificial limbs of the lower limbs are consisting of stump locker, modular adjustable and connecting units, and modular rocking unit and foots. The complete set of these components steals up depending on medical indications, the common physical condition and activity of the patient. Modular artificial limbs, accessories and details which are applied to their manufacturing, meet to special requirements of international standard DIN EN ISO 13485:2003.

Currently our enterprise makes prosthetic-orthopedic products of silicone: artificial limbs foots; cosmetic artificial limbs of fingers, brushes of a hand.

Silicon prosthetics is the newest technology which is recognized all over the world. The warranty period of prosthetic-orthopedic products makes 12 months. Due to increase of qualitative characteristics of accessories it is planned to increase a warranty period of products till 18 months.

The prosthetic-orthopedic workshop of "Center" is provided by the newest equipment from firm «Otto Bock». The level of deterioration of the capital equipment makes from 4 till 7 years. Presence in "Center" of a medical-technical brigade enables to serve invalids in a place of their residing; as the hospital for residing nonresident invalids during rendering of the prosthetic-orthopedic help is rented by for them.

On the enterprise the meeting medical-advisory help by the doctor the orthopedist-traumatologist of a high category is given to invalids. In 2006 experts of LLC «Center of prosthetics «Edwards» have rendered the prosthetic-orthopedic help nearby to 200 invalids (from them more than 20 % required difficult prosthetics).

With the purpose of full and qualitative maintenance of invalids not only prosthetic- orthopedic products, but also orthopedic footwear, means of transportation and rehabilitations, is planned to transform«Center of prosthetics «Edwards» into the modern prosthetic-orthopedic center during 2007-2010. LLC The structure of the Center will include orthopedic and orthopedic workshops, laboratory of difficult prosthetics, a hospital for residing nonresident invalids during prosthetics and rendering of the medical-advisory help by for them, and also medical-technical division for service of invalids in a place of their residing.
Quality of prosthetics depends not only on a degree of improvement of separate units, but also how they are collected in an artificial limb. Our experts use schemes of construction of artificial limbs which represent set of base parameters which determine mutual accommodation of units, and all artificial limbs concerning the locomotorium of the patient. In schemes of construction of artificial limbs individual characteristics of the person are considered: weight, growth, a floor, a level of amputation, age features. By use demountable or built in adaptations experts of "Center" carry out adjustment of each scheme of construction of an artificial limb during fittings.

In LLC « the Center of prosthetics "Edwards" experts of a high level who have special and a technical education work. All of them have passed a full curriculum on manufacturing artificial limbs of the upper and lower limbs which was spent by teachers of known German orthopedic firm «Otto Bock», and have received corresponding certificates.



Zdrak Roza Petrovna

In "Center" you will be met by attentive and sympathetic workers of a reception. They will in details acquaint you with activity of our enterprise, with a version of services which we give to patients and as with the basic characteristics of prosthetic-orthopedic products which are made by our experts.

In a reception the doctor the orthopedist-traumatologist with a long-term operational experience makes corresponding medical survey.

Managing a reception will assist you, in view of your features, to be determined with concrete, to you a necessary artificial limb, to open the order and to write the corresponding application on its manufacturing.



Oleg Jakovlevich - the senior technician-prosthetists, he is «the master-professional», as in his "arsenal" manufacturing of artificial limbs of the upper and lower limbs, difficult prosthetics of a hip and a shin. Was trained in firm «Otto Bock» (Germany), and now trains in «orthopedic business» pupils-prosthetists. He owns the newest technology silicon prosthetics. In the work uses knowledge of bases of biomechanics of the locomotorium of the person and embody them at manufacturing artificial limbs. It enables to reveal the important features of performance of purposeful movements of the patient which are necessary for embodying by means of artificial limbs of limbs or to consider during their construction.


Sergey Nikolaevich - the master-prosthetists, perfectly owns manufacturing techniques of prosthetic-orthopedic products. The business and professional qualities skillfully uses during prosthetics of patients.
Carries out assembly of the most difficult kinds of artificial limbs. Provides correct operation of the equipment and the tool. Constantly is engaged in improvement of professional skill, improves professional qualities of manufacture.


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